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Mike Hihn,Editor/Publisher

Liberty Issues began over 15 years ago, largely to help build the case against HillaryCare. The problems have not changed:  ObamaCare is HillaryCare revisited.  Our tax code still punishes jobs creation. And our lack of control over government may now be even deadly (deficits)

The Best of Liberty Issues (this site) contains those original articles and columns which showed how to restore citizen contol over government.

There is an anger in the land.  But anger alone never solved a thing.  Will today's anger fade away -- before we have a chance to force changes in the system?

What should those changes be?  Where do we start?

The Best of Liberty Issues is my own small contribution to Taking Back America.  If I want to recruit you for a revolution, and I do, then I'd best show how and what we can achieve .. in an endeavor equal to our founding ... as Jefferson believed every generation should do.

The most popular columns are summarized in the next column. They may not be the best solutions, but they are easy to understand, mostly common sense ... and they'd work. They show what we can do.

They're a start.

I see them as recruiting tools for a new revolution. 


Liberty Issues Tax Plan

Many market libertarians support either a Flat Tax or a National Sales Tax.  But Government is so large that a single tax on anything creates massive distortions. And the numbers don't add up.

Reinventing Federalism

Based on Reagan's New Federalism. When programs are funded by 2-3 levels of government, nobody is accountable. Here, levels of government would compete against each other for the coin of their realm - power.  Voter/taxpayers would go out for bids every 10-15 years, making the state and federal levels compete for our "business." 

Health Care Reform

See the healthcare button above.


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